How to DIY A Large Format Laser Engraver with Atomstack E85

How to DIY A Large Format Laser Engraver with Atomstack E85

When we first put the Y-axis extension kit for the Atomstack A5 and X-series laser engraver on sale, we got a lot asked if it is possible to get an X-axis expansion shaft. Then we realized that many laser engraver users, whether for a hobby or for their small business, are in need of a larger format machine. Some of them get large-scale items to engrave or cut, and some of them hope to handle more items in one batch. Thus, we introduced the E85 extension kit, a complete machine frame that increases the working area to 850*800mm.


Features of Atomstack E85 Extended Frame

  1. Greatly expand the working area: The Y-axis length of the frame is 1050mm and the X-axis length is 1001mm. The expanded working area is 850*800mm, an increase of 315% compared to the original.
  1. Original full aluminum profile: The E85 expansion kitadopts thickened aluminum shafts to make the frame more stable and ensure the high precision of the engraving machine.
  1. High adaptability: The E85 can works with most Atomstack laser engravers including A5 M30, A5 M40, A5 Pro, A5 Pro+, A5 M50, A5 M50 Pro, X7, X7 Pro/A10 Pro/S10 Pro, X20 Pro/A20 Pro/S20 Pro, X30 Pro, P7 M30, P7 M40, P9 M50, etc. It can also be used with our M50, M100, M150 and R30 laser modules.


Build A Large Format Laser Engraver Using Atomstack E85

Our E85 has a control box, which means you don’t need to prepare a mainboard. So what do we need to DIY a laser engraving/cutting machine with a larger working area?

  • E85 extension kit * 1
  • Atomstack laser module * 1
  • Atomstack Touch Screen*1

After you have prepared the above items, now you are ready to start the installation.

Step 1: Assemble the E85 extended frame. If you do not know how to assemble E85 and do not want to read the text instructions, you can watch this video:


The following point need to be noted when installing E85:

  • Y-axis timing belt assembly is prone to left-right asymmetry because the X axis stroke is way large. To avoid this, you can have the X axis slide assembly close to the limit columns at both ends of the Y axis when assembling and tightening the Y-axis timing belt.


Step 2: Mount the laser module you have to the frame referring to the video in step 1.

Step 3: Attach the Max Touch Screen to the control box.

Now, an engraving machine with a large working area is completed. Isn’t it easy?


Expand Your Machine Frame with Atomstack E85

If you’ve already got an Atomstack laser machine, things will be much easier. After you assemble E85 extension kit, all you need to do is remove the laser head from your machine and mount it to the E85 frame.

However, if the laser engraver you have is an Atomstack X30 Pro, buying an additional 5PIN cable for the E85 is essential. This is because the connector of E85 extension kit cable does not fit the laser. Please kindly note that although M150 laser module is the laser head of X30 Pro, but it comes with the 5PIN cable. However,  different from M100 laser module, M150 has no air assist equipped.


Note: If you are using an A5 series machine (except A5 M50 Pro) and you want to enjoy offline work and WiFi function, you’ll need to purchase our X20 Max Touch Screen and AIC1 auto air assist system. But if you are using touch screen compatible machines such as X series, P9 series, A5 M50 PRO, etc., which are already equipped with a touch screen, then you can save your money for that.


Wrap UP

This is all about making your own large format laser engraver with Atomstack E85 extended frame. Hopefully, you will know exactly what accessories you need to use after reading this article, so you won’t buy redundant or wrong ones. If you have any questions about our products or the methods mentioned in this article, welcome to leave your comment or contact us directly.


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