Atomstack M4 PRO Dual Laser Blue Diode Infrared Laser Desktop Handheld 2-in-1 Laser Marking Machine

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★ Desktop and Handheld Two Working Modes
★ Dual Laser: 2W Infrared + 10W Diode 
★ Lightning Speed: 600,000 mm/min
★ Engraving Specialist for Metal and Plastic Surfaces


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Laser Engraving Review and Expert Analysis

Atomstack M4 Pro Dual Laser Portable Engraver/Cutter - More materials, a wider range of scenarios, easy and efficient to complete your creativity


1. Dual Light Source Module: suitable for most metallic and non-metallic materials with 2 wavelengths of laser source (2W 1064nm infrared + 10W 450nm diode);

2. Industrial Vibrating Mirror Technology: dramatically improve productivity with 5000mm/s ultra-high speed engraving capability and 10000mm/s preview speed;

3. Ultra-fine Spot + Precise Positioning System: high-definition details, lifelike (positioning accuracy up to 0.001mm + spot as low as 0.03mm);

4. Desktop & handheld 2 in 1: 100 * 100mm engraving format, can be horizontal + non-horizontal surface engraving, applicable to more scenes, such as mass production, souvenir engraving, personalized customization, gift production;

5. High Compatibility: Offers free computer software AtomStack Maker + Mobile app;

6. Efficient Batch Processing Capability: suitable for product labels, product logos, serial numbers, batch numbers, QR codes, barcodes, etc;

7. Intelligent Focusing: according to the thickness of the material knob lift the laser head, easy to complete the focusing;

8. Upgraded Shield: easy to install and easy to take, batch engraving process without frequent lifting and adjusting the focus (the same thickness of material batch engraving);

9. Accessory Support: Compatible with chuck and roller accessories (adapter plate support required) for processing of spheres, cylinders and other items;

10. Complete Certification: CE UKCA FCC ROHS FDA

More Details:


Laser Type

10W Diode Laser & 2W 1064nm Infrared Laser

Working Area

100 mm x 100 mm

Input Power

12V 9A

Working Speed

10W Diode Laser up to 4000mm/s;2W Infrared Laser up to 5000mm/s

Preview Speed

10000 mm/s

positioning Accuracy


Laser Life


Applicable Materials

10w 455nm Diode Laser, NWood, Bamboo, Acrylic, Leather,Fabric, Tinted glass, Rock, Cork, Rubber, Food, Paper, Cardboard,Color glaze ceramics etc ;2w 1064 nm Infrared Laser, Metal, Plastic, Leather and any material with paint coating, etc. Stainless Steel, Gold, Silver, Platinum, Aluminum, Titanium, Brass, Plastic, Acrylic, Iron, etc.

Cutting Depth

Wood up to 8mm ; Black Acrylic up to 5mm

Preview Mode

Outline Frame & Contour Preview


AtomStack Maker

Operating System

Mobile - iOS & Android, PC - MacOS & Windows

Safety Certification



Handheld:2.8kG ;Desktop:4.8KG


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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
József Egyed
The pre-ordered Atomstack M4 Pro arrived in 25 days

I pre-ordered an Atomstack M4 pro on April 29, 2024. Yesterday, May 24, the UPS courier service delivered it to your home.
The package was not damaged on the outside, all items were inside the package, none of them were damaged, because the box was lined with hard sponge that matched the components.
I assembled the equipment according to the instructions in the user's manual included in the package. It helped a lot that the fasteners for the different parts were screws of different size sand were in bags marked with the serial numbers of the assembly steps.
I copied the contents of the U disk included in the package to the computer with the Microsoft Windows 11 operating system.
After installing the driver, I started the AtomStack.exe program from the unzipped AtomStack directory. I made some test engravings. I have found that the people in the works that contain the photograph are "fatter". I burned a 100x100mm square. The height (Y) of the square is 100 mm, its width (X) is unfortunately 107.15 mm!
The images in the folders 455 and 1064 of the U disk, and also on the M4+PRO+Calibration+Method(2).pdf content on the U disk, I made the correction for both lights (red and blue) (AtomStack Maker – Config (F3) - Area screen- X – Prop - >> - Target Mark Size = 100, Actual Mark Size 107.15).
After the correction, a marked 100x100mm square on both sides became 100 mm on the attached calibration film.
I also downloaded the AtomStack app for Android. After connecting to the WiFi Hot-Spot built into the switched-on M4 Pro, I cannot connect to the device because the "Atomstack M4 Pro" does not appear after selecting the Add Device function. I use it with a PC, it doesn't bother me. It will surely be available in the future.
Observations: The protective shield is too high, so when calibrating, care must be taken that the vacuum caused by the fan on the shield does not deform the calibration film, with thin material it may move when the rear shield is attached and removed. It is advisable to fix the workpiece with, for example, masking tape.
I am satisfied with the AtomStack Maker Windows program, because I use other programs to edit images and vector graphics. The strength of the AtomStack Maker software is that it safely manages the communication with the equipment (automatically detects the connected device, even if I turn it off and on during design), allows you to set all burning parameters and calibrate the device, and safely sends the given workpiece the necessary commands for the equipment. The M4+PRO+User+Manual.pdf on the U disk is a file related to the Atomstack M4 Pro model that cannot be found on the URL WEB page according to the QR code on the first page and the last page.
The title and content of the M4+PRO+Calibration+Method(2).pdf document on the U disk is misleading because it contains not only the calibration procedure, but also the PC software Functional Description and APP Regular Functional (description) chapters.
The diameter of the indentation of the power button is too small, my pointer does not fit. Often, the device turns off immediately after trying to turn it on.
Summary: I got this Hi-Tech equipment at a very good price.