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Engraving Size: 850*800MM

Cross Positioning System

Dual-Shaft Driving



2W 1064nm infrared + 10W 450nm diode

Lightning Speed: 600,000 mm/min

Metal & Plastic Engraving Specialist


iKier K1 Max 70W


70W Desktop Diode Laser Cutter

Cutting Ability Increased by 50%

One-key Auto Focus



Atomstack Laser Engraver machines are specifically designed to create stunning designs on metals,
hard plastics, aluminum, leather, and various types of wood.

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Space Age Tech

This is our review of the Atomstack X40 Max 48W Laser Engraver . This is a large format powerful 48W laser. This large build area opens up several new possibilities for users. We will be reviewing other laser engravers soon, so you might want to subscribe to see those reviews.

Atomstack X40 MAX >
Video evaluation of user avatars
James Biggar

In this video I review the Atomstack X40 Max laser engraver. This engraver uses a blue diode laser module that can switch the power output between 24W and 48W for fine engraving or cutting thick materials. It has a rugged frame that forms a massive 800x400mm work area, and uses a linear rail on the x axis for better stability and accuracy at speeds up to 600mm/s, as well as drag chains to support and protect the cables that are attached to moving parts. It also comes with a touch screen terminal so you can work offline instead of connecting it to a PC.

Atomstack X40 MAX >
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Robin's Fun Playtime

Welcome to the future of precision crafting! The ATOMSTACK X40 MAX is not just a laser engraver; it's a powerhouse that redefines professional-grade work. 🔍✨

Atomstack X40 MAX >
Video evaluation of user avatars
RC 3D geek

Atomstack X40 MAX engraving machine and LEGO sorter. Test of the new Atomstack X40 MAX engraving and cutting machine. A large cutting surface for a powerful 48w diode laser. Equipped with AIR ASSIST system and fixed focus.

Atomstack X40 MAX >
Video evaluation of user avatars
Charles Shyne

Today I present my new video on the Atomstack X40 Max laser engraver. This burner features dual 24 and 48 W diodes, a large workspace, and high burning speed. I cover product features, the unpacking process, assembly, user interface, configuration with Lightburn, hands-on testing, and using the Atomstack application.

Atomstack X40 MAX >
Video evaluation of user avatars
Make or Break Shop

Atomstack updated its flagship diode laser line with a 20W laser. This makes it the strongest laser diode you can buy! We dive into the machine and see if it's worth the upgrade.

Atomstack X20 PRO >
Video evaluation of user avatars
BAW Breizh art wood

I'm testing Atomstack's Ikier K1 pro engraver and cutter, and in this video all tests are carried out at real speed. Without words or music, you'll be lulled by the real sounds of the machine and the workshop.

iKier K1 PRO 24W >
Video evaluation of user avatars
Avis Express - Testeur High-Tech

This is a test of the Atomstack X40 MAX. I hope you'll enjoy it.

Atomstack X40 MAX >
Video evaluation of user avatars
Les Freres Poulain

36 watt diode laser is equivalent to a 60 or 70 watt CO2 laser! ?A displacement speed of 800 millimeters per second! That's what we wanted to test! Let's face it, it's a good laser, sometimes better than the competition.

iKier K1 Ultra 36W >
Video evaluation of user avatars

Explore the power of Atomstack's 36W Ikier K1 laser, rivaling 60-70W CO2 lasers! With a blazing displacement speed of 800mm/s, this laser outshines the competition.

iKier K1 Ultra 36W >
Video evaluation of user avatars
EBPMAN Tech Reviews

If you're looking for a powerful, precision laser engraver that's easy to use, the IKIER K1 ULTRA is the perfect choice! In this video, we'll take a look at the features of the IKIER K1 ULTRA and give you our thoughts on how it compares to other engravers on the market. We'll also review its speed, power and ease of use. So whether you're a beginner or a seasoned engraver, the IKIER K1 ULTRA is a great option to consider!

iKier K1 Ultra 36W >
Video evaluation of user avatars
Space Age Tech

This is our review of the iKier K1 Pro Max 48w laser engraver . This is our new favorite and you will have to watch the review to see why. It is incredibly powerful and versatile. We will be reviewing other laser engravers and a powerful accessory option for this machine soon, so you might want to subscribe to see those reviews.

iKier K1 PRO MAX 48W >
Video evaluation of user avatars
Daniele Tartaglia

Introducing our powerful laser machine — easy to install, quick to operate, and controllable via an Android App. This robust device enables fast and intricate cuts, making a noticeable difference in your projects. While it won't cut metals, its precision engraving capabilities unlock creative possibilities. Experience efficiency and creativity with this extraordinary laser machine!

Atomstack X20 PRO >
Video evaluation of user avatars

Which laser cutter is the best? What can you cut or engrave? iKier K1 Pro Max engraves & cuts wood, acrylic, metal, glass...

iKier K1 PRO MAX 48W >
Video evaluation of user avatars
Riccardo Muscarella

Introducing the Atomstack X30 Pro – a laser engraving powerhouse! Prepare to be amazed by its incredible capabilities. This 160W laser engraver, coupled with a formidable 33W module, stands as the epitome of cutting-edge technology. Witness its prowess as it effortlessly engraves vivid colors on metal, creates intricate designs on wood and acrylic, and achieves remarkable precision in photo engraving.

Atomstack X30 PRO >
Video evaluation of user avatars
Michael Klements

Today we'll build a tiny cyberdeck from plywood sheets using the Atomstack X30 Pro. This is Atomstack's new flagship gantry-style laser cutting and engraving machine with a powerful 6-core, 33W laser module. The Cyberdeck uses a Raspberry Pi and Hyperpixel 4 display along with a repurposed Blackberry keyboard and trackpad.

Atomstack X30 PRO >


Elevate your laser engraving experience with Atomstack accessories. Explore a range of options,
from Fiber Laser Modules to Lightburn software, discover more choices to enhance your laser engraving experience.

Crafting Brilliance in Every Medium

Explore Artistry in Metal, Plywood, Rock, Paper, Leather and More.

Unleash Your Creative Spark with the IKIER 1064 Fiber Laser Engraver.

Laser Engraver Transforms Plywood into Intricately Detailed Masterpieces.

Carve Your Vision onto Rock Surfaces with the Precision of Laser Engraver.

Experience the Art of Paper Engraving with Our Advanced Laser Engraver.

Elevate Leather Craftsmanship with Laser Engraver's Precision and Finesse.

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Genuine Testimonials from Our Valued Customers

Made this with my X20

Made this with my X20 Pro from a 3/8” red oak board. 300 mm/min, 85% pow, 4 passes. I did find that the long straight cuts along the grain sometimes do not cut all the way. These I just used a razor blade to finish the cuts from the back side.

Atomstack X20 Pro >

-- Paul Jude Sacmar

My first attempt

My first attempt at laser engraving a mirror - came out better than I thought. Using Atomstack X20 and the standard settings in LaserGRBL.
Just playing around again. I only use LaserGrble and the built in settings. Once cut out I paint and glue back in. Looks like real inlay. Using Atomstack X20 Pro

Atomstack X20 Pro >

-- Jim Charlene Rowland

I’m exited to start creating stuff with my Atomstack!

I’m exited to start creating stuff with my Atomstack!
I finally was able to complete the build of the enclosure for my X20 Pro, I received the machine a couple weeks ago but until now I’m able to use it.
I have a very tight space to work with it and i wanted to have it completely sealed and with a air exhaust to a window so I had to make a completely custom enclosure to fit my specific needs.
I also routed all of the original electronics (and all the extra controls for air assist and vents) to a custom control panel on the front of the machine. This was my favorite part, I really like how it looks.
The air assist works very well so far for cuts and so does the vent out, I can actually see all the smoke swirling inside and to the exhaust port.
I’m exited to start creating stuff with my Atomstack! 🤩

Atomstack X20 Pro >

-- Gustavo Mejía

Here is my project for the day

Here is my project for the day. 2nd burn ever. First time on slate. I think it came out ok. Still having a little trouble framing things dead on. I get lazy and try to do it by eye. Could prob use a little more practice converting photos to laser ready pics.
Still impressed with my X7 pro. I haven’t had a single issue. Runs smooth every time.

Atomstack X7 PRO >

-- Chad Moore

Best Service ever!!!!

Great laser, great quality. Excellent packed and delivery to Austria very fast! Unique customer service! All questions were immediately solved in a solution-oriented manner. (do you ever sleep? :-P ) I would like to say a special thank you to Catherine. She solved all ''problems'' in a very short time and was always there for me! That was really a very personal contact. I wish I had more customer service like this!! Thanks very much!! LG Alex

IKier K1 Pro Max 48W >

-- Alexander Wochner

First try with the new X20 Pro

First try with the new X20 Pro. Black Slate 22 x 16 cm. Speed 3000, 18% Power.

Atomstack X20 Pro >

-- Thomas Kalbfleisch

Color engraving

Color engraving on stainless steel with the atomstack X20 Pro.

Atomstack X20 Pro >

-- Manuel Barrera

My x20 just landed

My x20 just landed. Try to make things useful. So that tonight I get a 'night hug' from my wife 🤣 Spec: MDF 3mm, Width 27cm, Spd 300, Power 90, App lightburn, Time proc 10minutes, 1 pass

Poor man’s honeycomb bed

While waiting for the proper honeycomb I need to improvise 😂 Poor man’s honeycomb bed😂

Atomstack X20 Pro >

-- Steve Dickie

Awesome Machine

A Great very powerfull Diode Laser. Took me about 45 Minutes to build up. ( Yes i could do faster but i like to be shure twice) Power on an the Beast runs. Launched Lightburn and the X20 was recogniced immediately. Working with the X20 is a charme. Absolute powerfull, fast and precicse. Also Support about Questions was fast. I live in Europe and the Shipping was fast and very well packed. I would buy it again.

Atomstack X20 Pro >

-- Thorsten Breitenberger

Works very well

Bought for specific projects engraving polyethylene, aluminum, glass, wood, etc. So far so good. Lightburn is really good, have gotten some good results on an AR10 upper and lower

Excellent service and secure purchase

Excellent attention from Catherine from who, by WhatsApp solved my doubts and concerns.
The equipment arrived quickly and without problems.
Highly recommended to buy from Atomstack

Atomstack X40 PRO >

-- Jeannine Del Carmen Ledesma

Fiber Laser Top Service

Fiber Laser Top Service
Liferung und Abwiklung perfekt und schnell. Antwort vom Kundenservice sehr schnell und kompetent. Hat alles bestens geklappt und bin erstaunt wie schnell der Versand war.

Share some simple boxes

Share some simple boxes
Just wanted to share some simple boxes I made with the X7 pro using 5mm plywood from homedepot. I cut the shapes out and sanded them to a fine finish.
Power: 100%
Speed: 400 mm/min
Pass Count: 2

Atomstack X7 PRO >

-- Stephan Bitterwolf

Engraving on metal

Engraving on metal
Hi friends,✌ this is my first engraving on metal using an atomstack x20 pro I used the setting (DPI 400) speed 800 /power 75% PRESET GRAYSCALE.. cheers

Atomstack X20 Pro >

-- Vinky Juliandi Pratama

Impressive performance

All I need to do is engrave mild steel. I'm a metal sculpture and I needed a way to mark each sculpture with my name, website and sculpture number. With the M4, I can engrave a piece of metal before I weld it to a sculpture or I can use the hand held functionality to engrave right onto the finished piece. I bought a box of 1 1/4' mild steel disks. Mostly, I engrave the disk and weld it to a sculpture after it is complete. I am very happy with how easy I am finding the M4 to accomplish what I need.

Atomstack M4 >

-- Martin Cohen

The X7 Pro is still great

I’ve been thinking of upgrading to the quad module, but then I mostly produce stuff for myself so speed isn’t an issue. The X7 Pro is still great for my projects unless Atomstack comes out with even deeper price cuts 😉

Atomstack X7 PRO >

-- George Hern

Atomstack workspace

Newly almost completed Atomstack workspace. Bathroom vent fan and led light. Fan to vent the smoke outside. Will use closet full slide rail to hang a curtain to create the airflow inside the space and then outside.

Atomstack X7 PRO >

-- Eric Frick


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