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Les Freres Poulain

36 watt diode laser is equivalent to a 60 or 70 watt CO2 laser! ?A displacement speed of 800 millimeters per second! That's what we wanted to test! Let's face it, it's a good laser, sometimes better than the competition.

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Make or Break Shop

Atomstack updated its flagship diode laser line with a 20W laser. This makes it the strongest laser diode you can buy! We dive into the machine and see if it's worth the upgrade.

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Explore the power of Atomstack's 36W Ikier K1 laser, rivaling 60-70W CO2 lasers! With a blazing displacement speed of 800mm/s, this laser outshines the competition.

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Space Age Tech

This is our review of the iKier K1 Pro Max 48w laser engraver . This is our new favorite and you will have to watch the review to see why. It is incredibly powerful and versatile. We will be reviewing other laser engravers and a powerful accessory option for this machine soon, so you might want to subscribe to see those reviews.

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Daniele Tartaglia

Introducing our powerful laser machine — easy to install, quick to operate, and controllable via an Android App. This robust device enables fast and intricate cuts, making a noticeable difference in your projects. While it won't cut metals, its precision engraving capabilities unlock creative possibilities. Experience efficiency and creativity with this extraordinary laser machine!

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Welcher Lasercutter ist der beste? Was kann man schneiden oder gravieren? iKier K1 Pro Max graviert & schneidet Holz, Acryl, Metall, Glas...

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Riccardo Muscarella

Introducing the Atomstack X30 Pro – a laser engraving powerhouse! Prepare to be amazed by its incredible capabilities. This 160W laser engraver, coupled with a formidable 33W module, stands as the epitome of cutting-edge technology. Witness its prowess as it effortlessly engraves vivid colors on metal, creates intricate designs on wood and acrylic, and achieves remarkable precision in photo engraving.

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Michael Klements

Today we'll build a tiny cyberdeck from plywood sheets using the Atomstack X30 Pro. This is Atomstack's new flagship gantry-style laser cutting and engraving machine with a powerful 6-core, 33W laser module. The Cyberdeck uses a Raspberry Pi and Hyperpixel 4 display along with a repurposed Blackberry keyboard and trackpad.

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Charles Shyne

Today I present my new video on the Atomstack X4 Max laser engraver. This burner features dual 24 and 48 W diodes, a large workspace, and high burning speed. I cover product features, the unpacking process, assembly, user interface, configuration with Lightburn, hands-on testing, and using the Atomstack application.

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RC 3D geek

Atomstack X40 MAX engraving machine and LEGO sorter. Test of the new Atomstack X40 MAX engraving and cutting machine. A large cutting surface for a powerful 48w diode laser. Equipped with AIR ASSIST system and fixed focus.

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BAW Breizh art wood

Je teste le graveur et découpeur Ikier K1 pro d'Atomstack, dans cette vidéo tous les tests sont effectués à vitesse réelle. Sans paroles ni musique vous serez bercés par les vrais sons de la machine et de l'atelier.

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